Don't know what to say

I wish my mom would have died along with my dad. I hate her, she's been a terrible mother to me all my life. I know I'm going to h*** for saying this. I'm a 40 yr old woman and feel like I'm 10 all over again. The alcoholic b****!

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  • You are quite bad ur mother reared u she had problems but she did her best

  • You aren't terrible and no one should judge you,for saying what you said,about your mother.You're the only person,who knows what your mother is like and what she has done to you,to warrant your strong negative feelings,towards her.

    Please don't feel bad,I'm sure she deserves,how you feel about her.

  • You're not terrible, you're being honest. You can't have a true relationship with your mother, until she stops her relationship with the bottle. The only help you can offer her, is if she gets help to get clean. Be firm in your choices. Alcoholism is the one drug that you can't just quit cold turkey without the risk of death.

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