Entering 2013 with a bang.

On New Year's Eve, I'm going to have s**. I am so f****** excited.
The thing is, I'm supposed to be a sweet innocent girl. I've been with my boyfriend for about 2 months, and just can't wait to be in bed with him. Were both of legal age, and we're both adults. My best friend keeps saying its too soon. That he'll just leave me soon after, which isn't something you want to hear really.
The thing is we've talked about it. Extensively. I'm comfortable with him, and I'm ready. I'm not in any rush to give it away (which is what some people seem to think) but I feel ready.
Yes I KNOW you only have one first time, and I KNOW loads of people regret it. But I'm ready, even if we don't stay together, right now I trust him and am comfortable with him.
I get the feeling my friend wants it to all go wrong, just so she can say I told you so.

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  • WELL???? how did it go? Hope it was everything you wanted.

  • Wow, you're a late starter if your of legal age most girls I've known started having s** around 10-13 years old, so it's no big deal if you're that old(I'm assuming you're 18+)you've waited far to long so I say go for it! your time is over due but be careful and follow the advice of the first commentor..... Happy Humping!!!!

  • I'm surprised he's stayed around that long, two months is pretty long. It's usually the 3-4th date you start sleeping with each other. S** feels so f****** good you have no idea, feels incredible. Get him tested, get on BC cause you have to try s** without a condom too, feels even better when the guy finishes inside you but seriously stay on the birth control, you don't want kids for a few good years, friend s have had baby's early and they have no life except for at home.

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