II found a current picture of my father

II found a current picture of my father and brother the other day. He hasent spoken to me since I was 10 and seeing him hanging out with my brother brought forth a destructive rage inside of me. The rage is more self destructive than anything else. I hate you pa for not being there for me and pretending everything is ok now with how you behaved with us. Just because my brother has forgiven you, you shouldn't take advantage of him. I will not forgive you. I can not forget how much I needed you and how you were having so much fun in your life while we suffered.

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  • Well, do you or don't you want a relationship with your father? Your brother is his own person, and can make his own decisions, so how is being taken advantage of by pursuing a relationship with his dad? You sound much less mature than him, because you are the one holding grudges!

  • ^be happy that you did not turn into a woman beater like your father, I commend you for overcoming that cycle!

  • i dont know why people are like this, i witnessed my father beat the s*** out of my mother many times by the time i was 7 years old, then he stopped by the time i was 8 and was gone for a few years. and came back for a while and has been gone since i was 9, i have talked to him maybe 30 times in the last 14 years. i try to let it go, but i have turned into that guy who beats the s*** out of any man i hear hitting a woman. just thinking of it fills me with rage, enough to hospitalize some people. it mostly brings up my past a bit. i dont expect my father to apologize for what he has done, i dont know what i want from him. i think i want him to pass on, into the next life..

  • dad*

  • my did the same thing and i hate him for it.

  • How long do you need your father to be an apologist? Have you even talked to him about it? Does he have great amounts of guilt and regret? Sorry, you can't get that from one single picture.

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