Best friends

I have a friend, she is my best friend. at least thats what i think. i mean, i dont know what she thinks about me, whether she would consider me to be her best friend, or even consider me to be trustworthy
or needed. i tell her everything, well alomst, theres things which i dont, but i see these as unessasary.
where as she tells me tons, she is open, but she also tells me this is a small fraction. she tells me that i dont really know her truly. what does this mean?
the fact is, i couldnt live without her and she makes me really happy. but i do not think this is resipericated. i need her, and i need her to need me.
now please dont take this the wrong way and think im in love with her, because im not (pos in denial)
and even if it was it wouldnt matter. i just need to know what to do, how to handle this,

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