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How young is the youngest you think someone should lose their virginity?

Dec 24, 2012

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  • While I was 22 and lost it with a married 28 y/o MILF I knew I was ready since I was 14.

  • Well I was 12 ..15 now

  • When you are wanting to have s** have s**. that is the right time. Just do it for the fun of it not for a relationship.

  • Do it when you're emotionally ready, and never mind the "it's not healthy" bullshit society throws at you. Check it out on wikipedia:

  • That depends on maturity and sexual education, I've come across some girls as young as 8 and 10 year olds who want to have s** and are really mature and sexually educated for their age, so I think if they can understand, accept and deal with the good and bad consiquences of s** and can practice safe s** then I think their old enough to experience sexual pleasure.

  • When that person feels ready and safe.
    this could be as young as 16 or as old as 30.
    age doesn't matter, but I don't think anyone younger than 18 is mature enough to have s**.

  • It's not about your age, it's about your maturity. If you can walk into a drugstore, buy a box of condoms or other protection (and only that) and walk out without feeling the least bit embarrassed or self-conscious then I'd say you're ready.

    The next step is finding a partner you trust.

  • There isn't a "youngest age" I would label like this. It really comes down to the individual. If you feel you are ready, you are ready. For some that's marriage, for some it's 18, 16, 14, or 10. But you should feel ready first.

  • When you get married. That's what the Word of God says.

  • Word of

  • I honestly think 18. It allows time for your body to mature. My parents told me that if you have s** before your body has stopped growing, it can do damage. You don't have to take my advice, but I say 18 just for safety reasons.

  • Thats the problem, some parents just don't care enough or trust their kids to make the right choice's so they give their children fales explainations and tell them little lies so they don't have to tell their kids the truth about s** and relationships, they send their kids out into the world ignorant of all the basic knowledge that they need to make mature and educated choice's regarding sexual and romantic relationships....parents that don't want to educate their own kids and leaving it up to the schools to do what should be the parents responsiblity should be hald accoutable for neglect.. at least thats how I see it!

  • From what I know, you stop growing and your hormones balance out at 23. I've always thought 18 being some magic age was BS to begin with, so I don't think having s** before 23 is gonna hurt you. :P

  • Your parents are full of s***. I started when I was 12 and no damage. I have had two kids and just did a marathon this summer...I don't seem damaged.

  • Kid who says 14 is an idiot. And person saying a teen in a relationship for a year could mean 14 too. In my opinion, anything younger than 16 is too young. You shouldn't rush things because you could regret it. I know I do.

  • Just because you regret it doesn't mean any other girl will regret it, the only reason anyone would regret it is because they are conditioned by the majority of societies beliefs....which makes them feel guilty about the choice they've made but why should anyone feel guilt over something so normal and natrual as our own human sexuality?

  • If you're a teen, wait till you're about 1 year into the relationship. OMFG on the anniversary would be so hot.

  • FIRST!!!!!!!! Now that thats out of the way 14

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