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I'm a male who didn't lose my virginity until age 31. Any other late starters out there?

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  • Hi! i dated this lady 13 years older than me ,when i was 25 . it all went bad it took for ever for me to get it up. once i did i maneged to get it in 2 pumps that was it than i came. the end, later she never wanted me agine. now im a pro. best thing is to pay for a few whores they will show you the way. good luck.

  • I am a man. I was 38. That was 10 years ago. After a five relationship ended I have not had s** since. I always wanted to be married but am lonely and want it lots. I am afraid I might go to a prostitute but don't really want to.

  • Now I don't feel so bad knowing that others lost their virginity later than I did at age 31.

  • I had my 1st f*** at 32

  • I'm a female 45 I had my 1st f*** at 35, I was at a party and a bloke chatted to me and I was a little drunk, he took me into the garden and basically forced me to have s**, I didn't resist as he pulled my to up and mauled my big t***(42gg) then bent me over a table and f***** me hard and fast I loved it and now let anyone f*** me

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