Out of their league?

The last 3 guys that have tried "dating" me, are always with really pretty girls with near perfect bodies, I know I am "pretty" but I'm overweight and I find it so hard for someone to be with a tight and toned body, to ever be able to find a, let's face it, "flabby" body attractive, I am confident in my own skin and I do feel good about myself, but the guy I'm seeing now makes me feel like the most beautiful girl EVER! Which was great....until I saw his ex, I was blown away by how "model" like she was, perfect in every way and I can't lie, it makes me feel really insecure! I don't plan on telling him, because I'm honestly confused as to why he is with me, when she recently tried to get him back, I know I'm being petty, but I'm not sure how I should feel, I feel threatened for sure...

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  • Time for you to give up the p**** to a few guys with HIV

  • Don't worry about your boyfriend's ex. There is more to a relationship than looks. It sounds like your boyfriend is treating you well. Be thankful and treat him well back. Treat yourself well too.

  • You are not confident on your self. Start by stopping lying to yourself. Live with the moment. The boy asked you out. Celebrate that.

  • Stop comparing yourself to the other girls. Just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they don't have problems or are not insecure. Everyone has something. Concentrate on you. These guys are asking you out because they like who you are. If you are insecure about your own weight then do something about because you want to be healthier or fitter. Not because of what you think others may think or like.

  • Stupid c***

  • Crawl back under your rock, jealous incel

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