Getting her drunk at dinner

I must confess, when taking my wife out to dinner, I love to get her started with her drinking her favorite beer. She'll typically have 2 nice and large 22 ouncers! This loosens her up for more potent booze! Next I get her to down a couple of Long Islands, by now she hits the ladies room to pee. When she returns she has undone a button or two from her blouse, I love giving her sexy 36c t*** a good stare so she notices. About this time we are talking pretty dirty and telling each other how we really need to get the bill and get to the car to f*** around. When I help her stumble to the car I get her into the back seat and she loves to suck my c***, sometimes I will c** into her mouth and she loves to show me my c** on her tongue before she swallows. Usually however we just exchange oral s** in the back of the car, we'll then go to a close by business complex that is dark after business hours. We park in a dark corner, get out and she assumes the position of a pretty convincing lean up against the side of my car offering me herself doggie style, she hikes up her dress or skirt and I pull down her undies and give a her a nice little f****** as she faces the car. Once ive came in her p**** she puts herself back together and gets back into the car and we drive home. The sinful thing about her is as many stops we make we end of having some kind of s** once weve gotten there. Usually we do the dirty twice before getting home for the final session. She will usually collapse onto the bed after one final long p*** in the bathroom. She usually gets back to the bed and I help her out of her clothes, I usually enjoy taking advantage of her for nearly 2 hours as she is so drunk she cant finish a sentence and has no inhibitions whatsoever. I usually manage to f*** her 3 more times usually c****** in her p**** twice and having her suck the c** out of my c*** a final time after f****** her p**** the final time before she has no control of her body. She is so sexy when she has no real concept how she is having her beautiful body so violated!

Dec 31, 2012

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  • I'm jealous of your wife

  • I'm the security guard at that business complex. Your wife is really hot.

  • Dude...that not a confession...thats bragging! Kudos.

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