WTF happened to my Fiance?

So for the past 3 weeks now my Fiance has become more and more distant towards me. We no longer sit together when we watch movies or tv. Sexy time has drastically declined along with sexy clothing. If we go hang out with friends or relatives she usually does her best to mingle with everyone except for me. Simple things like hugs/kisses are a becoming a RARE occasion. We have been together 5 years and we have not been engaged to long (2 months) so i know its not the whole why aren't we married yet thing. S**** driving me crazy.... What the heck is happening?

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  • SHE CHEATING ON YOU WITH ANOTHR MAN,okay, sit down and ask her if she cheating on you.......

  • Sometimes women like to "take a break" ahead of getting married so that when you are married and on your honeymoon there's a sense of excitement again.

    Of course, it also could mean that she's having doubts. I don't think she's cheating on you. People that cheat usually go to the opposite extreme and act interested to throw you off.

    Best thing to do is ask her.

  • SHE HAS A NEW LOVER.......

  • She got a new lover....

  • Get ready to be back on the market, dude.....

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