Ok so the thing is that me and my best friend have known each other our whole life. So I'm 15, turning 16 this year and male and my best friend is 15 and female. So the other night I just said hey to her on Facebook, and when she replied I felt so happy. I don't know why but I just did. And often a couple of straight hours talking I went to bed. The next day all I thought was her and the reason was because that I love her, not as a friend but more. But here is the downside, we see each other only a couple times a year cause of family issues and moving to different countries so we couldn't see each other all the time. But with in the previous 4 years I have had a small crush on her each time I have seen her. So now I live in Australia and she lives in England, I know the distance is not ideal at all but she might be moving over here next year or when she is 18. And we are going to England with my family for 2 weeks or so in 6 months time and we will spend a lot of time with her and her family. So I want to know if it would be better if I told her how I feel about her now, in 6 months time, next year or never ?

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  • Maybe wait and see if these are real feelings if they are playfully work it into a conversation and see how she reacts

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