I am sorry.

I am sorry.

I know I screwed up or friendship. I shouldn't have talked to your wife, but she reached out to me and I felt bad. And yes, there was probably jealousy in there. How could there not be? You made me feel like you were interested in me and that we weren't acting on anything because we are both married. And then... well... you know the rest. I know I am nothing more than a fool... that you were just using me to help you.

I am sorry. I wish I could actually tell you that, but I am so afraid to click 'send'.

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  • Best thing to do is beak it off with him and tell his wife about you tow affiar, and tell yor husband, see what your husband say about this....good luck....

  • That the best thing you did is talk to his wife, ow yo know were you stand.... Did you s**** up your marriage, like you did his.... Wow to cheaters you need to a life..

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