I fell in love with an engaged man

I fell in love with an engaged man least to say he was my supervisor at work. I had no intention at first of getting physically or emotionally envolved with him. After i had found out from him that he was not single. Still knowing i decided to remain friends and eventually we became more than such very quickly. I cannot deny my feelings for him and how happy and loved he made me feel during those months we shared together. He was not happy enough in his relationship and it showed. I felt good that i could return the love and friendship that he needed. I know i am wrong for having borrowed another womans man but she should have treated him the way i did and things never would've led to him cheating or falling in love with another but her. I truly Love You A.O. and always will . There hasn't been a day when i don't think of you and wish we were together. You will always be the one that i will wonder what if? why does god not want us to be with eachother? I know you are miserable and are making a huge mistake in marrying your girlfriend but everbody expects you too, herself, her family, your family, your, friends and lastly i guess You. I confessed my love for you no matter how vunerable i felt. Do yourself the justice and tell her and everbody how you truly feel before its too late. Sadly, i know it already is and i can't help but wonder if there is any hope left. Lord i know my actions were wrong. My intentions were pure and from love because i honestly just wanted to love A.O. as much as i could and ask for your forgiveness. For those out there in this situation or are about to get into one i strongly advise you tell your heart to not beat for that person. Try as hard as you can so that you won't feel the pain and hopelessness that im feeling now.

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  • Hello Anonymous:
    I am in the same boat as you are but my story is a little more depressing. My past 10 years of history in short: I had strong infactuations for a man when I first immigrated to this country I misinterpreted my feelings as Love. It lasted for about a year and he broke it off with me with the lines: "My conscience won't let me be with you anymore". Didnt even know what that meant. Then I was single for about a year while I was chatting with one of my friends family friend for about a year and I only liked him or to say I had a soft spot but he loved me and asked me out after chatting with him over a year through msn chat. I said yes when I shouldnt have. We have never met until our first date. Yes it was blind and foolish but I didnt know any better. I never loved him as much as he did and it lasted for about 6 years when i found out he cheated on me. So I was forced to leave him by heart. As for my education I got into a international medical school in the carribean within 6 months after the break up. So I packed my bags and thought of it a way out of all this mess and wanted to only focus on school. Until i met with a guy whos engaged at a party. I hated men at that point and didnt want to associate with anyone. But as he came along i felt relieved because I wrongly assumed nothing can go wrong here because im not a girl to fall for engaged men and i hoped he felt the same way. As months went by we started falling for each other without realizing it until christmas holidays came by and we had to go home for break. He lives in a different province so we spent some time apart which is when we realized we had something for each other. After we returned to carribean from the holidays i confronted him about my feelings and he did too. Its been more than a year now and we are still say I love you to each other but hes still continuing his plans on getting married. I have learnt to accept the fact that hes getting married and nothing will change that!!

  • LOL^ You should not be messing with anyone's man, look what happens when you do!

  • You're pretty pitiful. I saw your confession on daily confession. Get over it.

  • Been in your exact position, except I am the Guy and we where both married and I was the supervisor.
    Yes, it ended in all h***. I feel for you.

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