my name is Barry and i have developed

my name is Barry and i have developed an insatiable desire to suck endless lines of c***. i cannot help myself, i have become a total c***-a-holic. i absolutely love huge throbbing c*** shoving into my mouth and slamming my tonsils hard. i constantly have an overwhelming craving to suck c*** non-stop. its so embarrassing!

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  • Sure, go ahead and tell us his last name.

  • H***...I have heard of Barry as well, and I know his last name. He does not want to reveal it, but I have no problem revealing it. Should I tell his last name??

  • Barry, I guess your dominatrix turned you out huh?

  • Obviously you don't like a guy named Barry and you're making this up. And the majority of commenters here are sucking it up, if you know what I mean.

    I guess there's this juvenile fixation with f******* that the average guy can't resist by adding to the phallic humor.

  • I wish you work in my office, then I wouldn't have to beat my own meat.

  • Group: Well Barry, suck all of us off.
    Barry: I'd love to, but you have to c** in my mouth.
    Group: On your knees you dirty c***-a-holic

  • You should see C***-A-Holics Anonymous.

    Barry: Hi, I'm Barry, and I'm a C***-a-Holic
    Group: Hi, Barry
    Barry: I've been addicted to c*** for 3 years now. I do anything to get my fix. ...

  • barry, what is your last name?? i think i have heard of you too. you c***-sucking s***!

  • Barry, I have actually heard of you. You have a huge reputation for being a deep throat c*** w****.

  • Disgusting sons of b****** yall need to pray

  • I to am a suckaholic and would dearly like to join you in alie-up
    of c****(big,small,black or white,old or young.Oh where Oh
    where can I find such a line.

  • something tells me that you are probably embarrassed alot. i bet you suck a lot of c***.

  • admitting you are a c*** a holic is the first step.

  • Good for you! Everyone needs a enjoyable hobby.

  • ^ good question, I guess it's like lines of cocaine?

  • strange...where do you find "lines of c***"? Are line of c*** in an isle at the local A&P?

  • I'm addicted to anonymous b******* from guys. we should have coffee.

  • well Barry, I would say that you are what is commonly referred to as a "c*** w****".

  • it's cool, yo. i want to f*** all the time.

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