I m*********,but only by rubbing my

I m*********,but only by rubbing my c***. The reason why is because I dont feel any pleasure by putting my OWN fingers in my p****,but OTHER fingers make me c** so hard...
But I want to know why I cant use my own fingers without being turned off. Does that mean I wont get pleasure with my new d**** either?

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  • There are really very few nerves in the bulk of the vaginal wall. It's completely natural. I suspect you're more aroused with others because of the psychological component and not because they're doing anything different with their fingers.

  • same with me, sister.

  • Your brain has to divide its attention between the nerve endings in/and the movement of your fingers AND the nerve endings in your v*****. When someone else does to you, your brain gets to focus only on the sensations of your v***** -- which doesn't have as many nerve endings as your c******* to begin with. Some guys sit on their hand to make it numb before j**********, to intensify the snsation.

  • what is your phone number again?

  • Sure. A d**** only works when its simulates s**. Lots of in and out. A vibe just hums and feels electric by touch.

    The lube is only needed if you have lack of lubrication. hey, mothernature isn't always perfect. Some will always be unable to make enough, some make too much.

  • So I should get a vibrator and some lube instead of a d****?

  • Same thing for guys, honey. A hand job feels so much better when it's a girl's hand instead of our own!

  • the same happens to me

    im still a virgin

  • Lube, and a vibe that also aims for the g-spot, while giving the c*** a little attention too. A d**** only works if you know how to work it.

  • i do it too it just doesnt feel the same

  • Me too, I don't really understand it, but it's not a big problem cuz I've got an awesome hubby who does it for me :)

  • me too! omg i have the same. but i dont feel like i get wet enough for my fingers to enter my v***** or go very far when i m********* no matter how h**** i may be! i'm a virgin btw but have done everything else.

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