Using only 2 fingers

I am actually that guy who only can use two fingers to j*** off :(

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  • You're a cuckold in training.

    Having a small p**** does weird s*** to your head.

    A small p**** you feel deeply and shamefully unmanly.
    A small p**** you very aware of his sexual limitations.
    A small p**** you highly susceptible to cuckold fantasies.
    A small p**** you extremely aroused by cuckold situations.
    A small p**** you feel awed around very endowed men.
    A small p**** your sexual honesty desperately difficult.
    A small p**** you vulnerable to a wife's sexual direction.

    Note -- a small p**** MAKES you this way. You can't help it. You're powerless NOT to respond that way. Know what else? Simply knowing this weakness can be VERY empowering to wives of under-endowed guys.

    You can't change this. All you can do is accept it as much as you can and learn to make the best of it. The important thing is that the future woman in your life not go in want because of your shortcoming.

    Your future is explained here:

  • There is a niche for you! Don't worry!!! I know men like to tie their manliness into the size of their pen*s, but it's just not so. Make sure you're good with your tongue, and don't shy away from toys and sexual aids. A lot of men with smaller d*cks tend to find the more submissive role appeals to them. You're ok. There is lots you can do and lots of fun to be had. A lot of men with smaller d*cks find humiliation appeals to them - I guess this just acknowledges it and turns the tables on it. But all of that is up to you...what appeals to you.

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