You're The Monster

You made me believe she was an 80s cartoon villain. Well, I met your girlfriend today and now I see the truth. She's just like me, just like all my friends. All she wants is for you to love her and now I feel dirty for ever thinking anything mean about her. Don't we all just want someone who thinks we're special? That's all she wants from you.

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  • You dealt with a gaslighter. You, the gf, and every other one before both of you become "80s cartoon monsters" the second you don't behave the gaslighter wants you to.

    You called it, this person is the monster.

  • i'm confused... what s*** did he say, what did she say, why do i feel bad for every one and how does a bad man get a relationship but i don't wtf? (i swear i'm a nice guy)... haha... i hate being alone :( please answer my question's thanks ;)

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