My dad is my everything. I love him

My dad is my everything.
I love him more than anything.
I would do anything in this world for him.

He is sleeping with 3 different woman. And for that i wish he would die.
He doesn't care about me or my sisters, only his booty calls. I always have daydreams about us fighting him, and me stabing him.

I wish he would listen to my words when i tell him he deserves nothing.
I hate to love him.

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  • LOL You sound confused!

  • Somebody's jealous...

  • I'm f****** 3 women right now AND I'm a good father! My kids don't know, because it's not their business. They can talk to me about anything and we're close, but I keep my s** life to myself.

    Talk to your dad and tell him how it feels... Then see what he does. Maybe he's so wrapped up in his world that he doesn't realize that you are hurting.

  • I try. But thank you to the NICE people. It's nice to get it out.

  • hi


    well heres some advice just talk to him about the situation and maybe things will change or you can try and avoid the entire problem

  • f****** tell him how you f****** feal

  • But mental abuse is sometimes more painful than physical

  • I don't think the first commenter was being hatefull but right. Kids need to understand that it's not all about them. Kids only want their parents happy if it's pleasing them but who cares. You are the child and he is the adult. Let him do his own thing. If you don't like it then only be with one person. As long as they are not hurting you physically then leave him alone. Everybody isn't built for manogamy. Some poeple like having new booty every now and then.

  • Love is powerful, and family ties can be equally strong. Your love for your father has probably been there since childhood and grown over the years. But at the same time, you despise his immorality, and you're torn between love and hate. Talk to your father rationally and see if he'll listen. But ultimately, he makes his own choices and has to live by them and be judged by them. I just hope you can keep loving him but not accept his behaviour.

    And though I don't even want to acknowledge the 1st commenter, this person (and everyone else who comments in similar fashion on this website) really needs to take a look in the mirror and ask, "How did I become so insensitive, hardened, mean and vile?" I know the answer already, and that's why your comment does not so much anger me as it does make me hope that you get help and stop the hating in this world.

  • That's because you need some d*** in your life. MAybe then you would stay the f*** out of grown folk's business. Obey your father b****. He can sleep with as many hoes as he wants. Its none of your f****** concern, pig.

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