I love you

I love you..i wish i could run my hands through your hair. i wish i could kiss you. i wish i could talk to you. laugh with you. spend my life with you. i wish things were'nt so complicated. i wish i could be with you. but i cant becuase you are a girl and so am i. i cna t belive how much i love. i would die for you without a doubt.saw my leg of. whatever. i would do absoloutley anything just to be with you.
my name is caitlin i am 14 and bisexual. i am in love with another girl. any advice,stories etc would be helpful. i have not come as bi only to my friends.

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  • Ewwww mentally ill person posting about loving another girl Gross.

  • Me ?


  • I hate people who write thier confessions to adress the reader directly.

    You love me ?
    No ?

    Then why do you say 'you' ?

  • Why not try talking to her first...? You never know what it might lead to.

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