Not so superman..

I love my dad..TO DEATH. He came to america with nothing and worked his way up to what he is now. He's hard work and persistence personified. I'll be lucky if I'm half the man he is by the time i reach his age.. But lately I've started to notice his memory is slipping..he get's tired easily now.. I idolize my father so much to the point where i try not to believe the fact that he's getting old.. He's been my hero ever since I was adopted at the age of 2 and it pains me to know that one day he might not be around...

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  • You should think of others who are stressed with babies and being a mother more.

  • Oh. My. GOD. Are you REALLY trying to play "martyr Olympics", you idiot broodsow?

    Babies don't ask to be born. Anyone having one is creating their own mess.
    OP is concerned for the man who took care of them. Unless a parent is abusive, any attitude other than this would signify selfishness almost to YOUR degree.

    OP has a genuine battle in front of them, and dementia is the enemy. That won't ever be a problem for you, since having a brain is required.
    Go back to your barnyard and squeeze out the next litter of losers.

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