Vintage babydoll nighties,negligee's peigniors,ribbons and bows.

This is just a carry on from my 'Nighties nighties nighties" confession.
Well I'm and just a a middle aged man who has a great job working with a mixture of males and females,ok.
from mon to friday,during the day,I don't smoke,I have an occasional alcoholic drink, like beer, or spirits and my only vice and fetishes are vintage babydoll nighties and peigniors or chiffon negligee's long nylon ribbons and sexy bows.I DON'T consider myself a crossdresser just a male that really loves chiffon nylon frilly sexy sissy vintage babydoll nighties/neg's and oh, real sexy satin sheets, as I love slipping and slidding around inbed when I have a babydoll vintage frilly nightie & negligee' on, with heeps of long ribbons to play with. I have this babyblue chiffon baby-doll nightie with a big bow in the front and three bows either side-all long nylon ribbons- plus three bows on each of my shoulders, again, with nice long wide ribbons to the hem,giving me 26 long ribbons to play with. Then on the negligee' in delicate chiffon in babyblue which by the way, has heeps of gathered chiffon,it to has two bows on each side with long nylon ribbons too.So when I have this sexy nightie & neg on in bed,and around my condo I'm constantly playing with my hard p**** & pulling the ribbons over my b**** till I'm quivering & I may choose to shoot my load on to and over the ribbons and chiffon, I love doing that, and U know what, my girl friend loves to watch me too, which gives me a BUZZ.[MORE TO COME..C**] I have over 20 nighties and negs as well....

Jan 14, 2013

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  • I love nighties too

  • That is just fantastic>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • I also love nylon vintage nighties with long long nylon ribbons&bows with lots of long nylon ribbons on each nightie . I love playing with the long ribbons its like ribbons ribbons ribbons and more ribbons it just fabulous.I love to get the ribbons around my p**** and s****** feels I am whilst writing this .................all these ribbons, ribbons ribbons .........nylon nighties and heeps of long nylon ribbons

  • MMmm me too I just love those nylon babydoll nighties @ the moment of writing this I am playing with myself in a sexy babydoll nightie, being a male I love it.

  • YES i"m A male and I"m right into nylon nighties and negligee"s too and like U mate I too love nice long long nylon ribbons to play with as well both in bed and walking around my home. I love playing with the long ribbons on my nightie whilst watching TV as well,. My girl friend sowed on all these extra long ribbons for me which I loved her doing that. She too loves TOO watch me playing with myself in all that chiffon and long ribbons its a real turn on- i say

  • Yeah me to, I love the vintage nighties and playing around in them its so so cool I love the babydoll type with lots of frills on the hem yes I to like the ones with long ribbons as well tied into sexy bows in the front and enough long ribbons from the bow or bows to the hem or longer.I specially love the nylon ribbons as apposed to the satin ribbons.I love the feel of the nylon on those ribbons I dont know why its all very strange.

  • Good on ya man

  • Great Stuff Man I loved reading that too< in fact I am thinking of doing the same as it sounds so sexy as well. Those vintage nylon nighties double layer, and all those long ribbons that U play with sounds GREAT I recon Yip I think I'll be doing all what U said mate. ....................

  • Good on you Man .......

  • What a passion thats my lovly staff to

  • Well thats great...

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