I'm gonna be a pin-up model. Seems I

I'm gonna be a pin-up model. Seems I should have my pick of guys. The ones I fall for are always unavailable. I've fallen for two gay guys, a pedophile, and numerous guys who had girlfriends, or got them shortly after I met them.

I feel like there's something wrong with me, you know?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • "Pin up" is just a few years from "face lift." I don't waste my time on girls who focus too much on their looks, because I figure they have nothing else to offer.

  • No, you're just arrogant. You are conceited, and no one cares about your attention getting wanna be sad little girl problems

  • thanks alot, y'all. and I will ignore the top two. I'm not conceited, i'm just tired of everyone I know telling me ''you're beautiful, but..."

  • your letting your beauty get in the way of love, and your judgement, the best treasures in life are in some of the most unexpected places and unexpected people. keep your head up, fall back, and be patient.oh yeah those other busters are just p***** cus their stupid.dont pay attention to them.i know this is wierd but if ya need to talk more go to myspace.com/sincerealan im a hip hop artist. its wierd cuz i went through the same thing also and im a good lookin guy but just got a h*** of alot of wierdo girls so yea. there my advice god bless.

  • no,its just bad luck right now and I if you just relax and let things come to U then maybe things will change up a bit. Dont listen to those other a*******.

  • They realize how conceited you are.

  • Hey maybe there is something wrong with you.

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