I've cheated on my girlfriend with 4 other guys over the past year. She knows that I have an interest in guys, but not that I've actually followed through on them. The worst part is, the guys all gave way better head than she ever could.

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  • It happens. It's ok by me to explore your gay/bi side. I have a gay friend that texts me about once a week. I tell the wife I need to go out for a bit and we have all kinds of gay fun. I never thought I'd like sucking d*** so much. I would feel regret but the wife has been f****** another guy 2-3 times a week for going on a year now.

  • So why are you still with her?

  • I'm sorry but that's pathetic.You don't love her, if you did you wouldn't have done what you did.She deserves much better.Face it your gay, cheating on her with 4 other men.And of course a guy would give way better head than woman, the same way a chick can give better head to a girl than a guy can because they know their body parts.Just let her go you're doing her a favor.

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