I CONFESS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!! <3

Hi i'm Erica... my dad's house has always been stressful i have 6 other siblings and i have to clean the kitchen do dishes and all that all the time i am diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bi-polar i have been called many names but my dad's house has been so bad i tried commiting susicide about 3 times now i have cut i have taken medicine i know i shouldn't take i always have a knife to my lips i don't know why but i just want to end life my mum (i am not british***) treats me and my 3 brothers better we have never gone through fights i always fight with my dad she provides us with clothing my dad... he barley does i can never talk to my friends without my dad saying stop talking to all these boys although i am bisexual i do get introuble with talking to guys and not girls but i am scared i will be beaten like my brother has my dad used to put him in a corner and then smack him till he is black and blue... i will end my confessions now goodbye.

Feb 1, 2013

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  • Good luck on the 4th time you silly b****. The world needs less of people like you.

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