PEE ping

I posted anonymously about my women friends giving me "shows", "I can't get enough". Now I am posting about another kind of public shows.

A long time ago I knew this girl who was 17. We were "friends" as usual but she liked to tease me sexually. Even though she thought of me like a brother. I kept my hands to myself for personal reasons, but one thing she liked to was watch me urinate. I never got to watch her though.

Years later after we had long since parted company, I was outside my apartment block after midnight enjoying the night air, when I heard two female voices, one saying, "But what if we get caught and it is illegal". My curiosity got the better of me. I got up and looked around the corner of the building.

There on the lawn about 10 yards away was one girl with her pants at her knees and her bare butt facing the building. Her friend was standing in front of her watching. Both were about the same age as my friend had been way back when. The one who was standing came over to me and we talked as I watched the other urinate outside (as it turned out) my apartment window.

The the pee girl pulled up her slacks and came up to us, acting as though nothing unusual had happened. Then they left. I kept hoping I see them again but it never happened.

My life has been a watch-but-don't-touch scenario. But I enjoy it all.

Feb 2, 2013

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