My 1st

I am 17 years old and I am in love with a 47 years old man. I love him. He love me. He told me he wants to spoil me rotten, treat me like queen, give me 2 cars, give me a house to live in. He wants to marry me. I want to marry him 2. He doesn't have kids of his own, he wants kids, I wants kids too. I told him I want to have kids with him. He was very happy when I told him that. I was happy too. Cuz i was wanted to treated like the way he wants to treated me, i love him so much. for real i love him so much. also I am virgin. He knows I am virgin cuz I told him I am a virgin. He was ok with that I am virgin. So I am giving him my virginty. After I graduate high school. He comes to pick me up, marry me, take me on our honeymoon and started our lives together. We going to have a lot of s** with each other. My family doesn't know I like to keep it that way. Plus I am the legal of consent in my state and my age didn't bother him and his age didn't bother me. I am runaway to be with him in June. He turned me on so much. I am h**** virgin. He will be my 1st at all of things. I am happy about that!! I can't wait for that to happen

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  • You go ahead a do what you feel is right for you, because it's your life and not theirs and don't let these negative people get you down.

  • Well your dumb or stupid, he just want to have s** with you, you need to go to counseling, really you do,

  • Counseling isn't going do any good, because like you they lack understanding and only tell you what they think and feel you should do, most of these therapist don't even know themselves and can/t even deal with their own personal problems, I'm a firm believer that if they don't even know themselves how can they know enough to help someone else.

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