I want to make love to a beautiful woman with a d***.I think that a chic w
ith a d*** is absolutely THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD, and I would dearly love to meet one.

Feb 7, 2013

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  • I'm a pre-op transsexual, I'm 29 36cc fake t*** and a 7in fat c*** I love f****** and being f***** by strangers. I bumped in to one of my old school teachers (a woman) I hated her but ended up f****** the birch because hated her husband more. I humiliated her and gave her love bites on her t*** to take home to him and refused to use a condom.

  • Preciate the response. Wouldn't say I was gay, either. Had a man kiss me once unsolicited, and not only was it gross, it was horrible. I love a*** s**, but don'y want it with a guy. A gorgeous chic with a nice d***...YUM YUM. I will share love with one sometime, just not sure when. Seems like a hard thing to find on Kauai,Hawaii. Oh well. From lonely in Kauaii.

  • I understand you, man! I used to go to a large city in Mexico because of my job. One night someone was driving me around and we passed by a street with a bunch of hookers. The guy told me they were trannies but I swear they looked like gorgeous women!! As soon as I got to my hotel I got a cab and went back just to look... I thought. But after seeing some of them, I just couldn't resist! I chose a very pretty one and ten minutes later I was in a motel with her.

    I can tell you, f****** a tranny is one of the best sexual experiences ever! I was nervous as h***. I don't consider myself gay at all, but I always was curious about shemales. I told her that she was my first and she made it very easy for me. I had never tried a*** with any girl before, so it was a double treat.

    Since that first time, I had to f*** a new one every time I went there. They're addictive! I hope you get to do it. F****** a pretty girl with a d*** is amazing.

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