Am i overreacting??

So i've been dating this guy for a month and i like him alot, but sometimes he can be really boyfriend like and sweet, but then sometimes he just seems like he is acting like my friend and he's liked other girls pictures not alot and maybe im just overreacting but should i be worried or anything? i just think sometimes he doesn't care but i dont want to complain to him and seem like im needy or something what should i do? i live in montana and i am 14

Feb 9, 2013

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  • There is always the chance your a side dish in his life. Theres a chance he feels the same about you. theres a chance that he doesn't want a relationship. There's a MASSIVE chance that your too young to be dealing with this kind of ** from guys.

    I'm 21 and this is ** I've had to deal with a few times. It's never easy thinking they love you or they don't. You should take a nice big breath and confront him about it. And maybe it's time to make a decision about him. Please trust me when I say that suspicion is the worse thing to live with. You CANNOT have a real relationship fi you don't trust him entirely.

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