I wish my kids would tell my ex to

I wish my kids would tell my ex to leave us alone. They don't want anything to do with him but are too scared to say it because he's a very mean and scary grown up and they are afraid to say anything to him because his temper is too volatile. Just like an abuser, he thinks he's entitled to subject them to abuse. He thinks just because he grew up with two drug addicted lesbians that were always fighting that life is all about chaos and drama- when the fact is he and his mother are just annoying to be around. They LIE SO MUCH that my kids have caught them in their own lies- and my kids aren't even old enough to drive. My kids weren't raised in a fighting house- that's why I left when they were little. I didn't want them to grow up and treat THEIR wives like that. But for 'him' it's 'normal' and ok and expected. I say it's not. And I won't teach my children that it is. I won't allow another future cycle of violence to repeat on somebody's poor unsuspecting daughter. Not the way it was done on me. Not again. No.

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  • The kids are: kids. It's not their job to sned their father away. If you're convinced he's hurting then YOU are the parent who has to protect them from him.

  • Your such a coward, It should be you that tells your ex to b***** off not the kids, whats wrong with you. Your the adult and its your fault not the kids taht this mans in there life. Grow a back bone dont put your kids in the firing line of an abusive man

  • Why blame the victim? The poster has common sense! Except for one thing... she should cut her ex out of her and her kids' lives!

  • i think you're the one that needs help poisoning your children's minds with that crap. If that was the case you would be gone!

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