You like to quip about how my children were 'raised by a woman'. But that's right. They were RAISED. What did you do with your kids? NOTHING. They're pigs and they have no sense of anything. My kids cook, clean and handle themselves. What do your kids do? Make messes, s**** up everything they touch and act like total retards who expect everyone around them to just deal with the path of destruction they leave in their wake. That's why NOBODY likes them.

Yeah, my kids were 'raised by a woman'. Your kids grew like weeds. Your kids don't ever THINK about anyone or anything around them. And that's why when there's a problem in the house, guess who it always comes down to? Those retards that you've done nothing with. Always. And you try to say, 'Well, how do you know it wasn't your kids?' Because dumbass- my kids were 'raised by a woman', remember?

I taught my sons to THINK because I am that woman whose life was made a living h*** by a d****** man who grew up just like your stupid kids. And I'll be damned if I subject some poor girl out there to the h*** I went through just because I don't want to be bothered getting my hands dirty raising kids that I brought into the world.

Raised by a woman? You bet. RAISED. EDUCATED. INFORMED. CAPABLE. Your kids? Ignorant. Retarded. Brain dead. Selfish. Thanks for releasing more of that into the world, ya f****** jerkoff.

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