35 with 18-19 over and over and over

I confess that I am 35 years old and I use my house, nice car, money, and decent looks to sleep with 18-19yo girls. I don't mess with anything underage and only really good looking ones. I charm them and get them to fall in love and then use them as my s** toys until they get too old. One of my favorite parts of doing this is watching the boys their age get angry and call me names because I'm getting what they want and they can't compete with my resources. It cracks me up. I will do this to your friends, sisters, and daughters until I'm too old and ugly to keep up. Deal with it boys.

Feb 15, 2013

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  • The point of your success is that money is power you can even get girls.

  • LOL!! I do the same thing but i'm 45.I love the look of the boy's when I show up with the girl they want and we're in my convertible corvette and they are still riding in they're skateboards.LMAO!!!

  • YOUR AWESOME NEVER STOP. but use protection you always have to worry about strange also can you please state how you would go about doing this?

  • To whoever wrote this crap: I've seen you in action and you are already too old and ugly to keep up. As a matter of fact, you've been too old and ugly your entire life to even remotely be able to pull something like this off...not even in your wildest dreams.

  • Neat story bro. Little knowledge for ya, No one cares... Also I'm about the age of the guys you just so happen to enjoy trolling and as it turns out I have enough respect to not call you names, or hate you (dispite the fact that my virginity is still there and it kinda p***** me off that I still have it) anyways enjoy your significantly better life :)

  • The Lord rebuke you.

  • S***, i would be doing the same thing if i could

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