Teenage girls

Im a 21 year old guy who lately been wanting to have s** with girls from 14-17 years old. Something about them being young turns me on. Im talking about the ones with nice looking thighs, legs, feet, ass, t***, and a pretty face. I know a good handful of girls that age who want to have s** or mess around but Im not sure if I should do it. I dont mind even dating one. What should I do?

Oct 20, 2011

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  • I know a guy who spent 7 years in State prison for sleeping with an underage girl. It doesn't matter that she was willing. It's still statutory rape. Don't do it.

  • They are called jailbait for a reason.

  • Well there are a lot of people in the world who like older and or younger people, me personally I like them older but not too old. But anyways for your own safety if you do hook up with a younger girl, make sure she is at least 16, that way you don't go down for statitory rape.

  • IN many states you can go to jail for having any kind of s** with a girl under 18.

  • I agree with the first poster that it's a bad idea. I know how you're feeling. I've always been attracted to younger men (I'm a woman), but since you're 21 you could get in serious trouble. Either go for someone who is 18 (still young, just not AS young) or wait a couple years and the girls who are 16 and 17 now will be 18 and 19 and you can legally date/have s** with them.

  • I'm fifteen I wanna f*** an older guy so bad... S***... Why don't I know guys like you?

  • You should move out to the Bay Area then :)

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