So, I'm a 22-year-old female Navy sailor. I'm also a virgin and don't really know how to deal with guys hitting on me, especially when I know they're married or just looking for s** (or both). It's not like I'm trying to wait for marriage or The One. I just want actually care and TRUST a guy before I go and have s** with them. And since masturbating keeps me more or less satisfied, I don't see the point of hopping into bed with someone I don't trust. And it's really hard for me to trust a guy since I was molested by my stepbrother when I was a child and almost raped by my uncle when I was a teenager.
Any advice on how to deal with these married, h**** sailors trying to get in my pants?

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  • Yes please wait for the right guy. You will regret doing a thing for the wrong man. Just patiently wait for the right guy, pray for it.

  • These people are wrong. Im also a virgin and a bit older than normal. im waiting for the same reason you are and dont regret it. on another note, its been scientifically proven that people who wait longer for meaningful, first time s** report higher levels of satisfaction later in life

  • Believe me, in the years to come, you`re going to regret not taking your opportunities.

  • about saying NO M***********!

  • I'm sure that will be effective in continuing a nonstrained working relationship while I'm stuck out-to-sea for over a year with them. Thanks for the advice. ^_^

  • I'm really sorry. That can be a rough situation. Once someone asks, it seems like it's already a tough situation and at least I would be uncomfortable around that person from then on if I didn't want to have a meaningful relationship with them. I like the advice of the commentor who said that numbers show that those who wait for something meaningful in a relationship have higher satisfaction rates later in life. I'm a sort of 'wait' kind of guy and we've had tough times, but we always come out on top and I attribute at least part of that to waiting til I found someone I could really love for the rest of my life and trust. I know often guys are real jerks, and so it's imperative that you be careful in picking and choosing, but it's so worth it. To top it all, we both have perfect s** every time, which our friends report to us really is never the case with them. I'm grateful and I hope and pray the best for you and your happiness in life. A friend :).

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