Question not a confession

Would you allow your girlfriend to go overseas with a couple plus another guy?
Not that I don't trust my girlfriend but I sure as h*** don't trust the guy. (They are all in the same college and same sports group)

If so what would you do?

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  • Or f*** someone well she's gone cause she's gona f*** that guy

  • If she insists on going dump her

  • Share your concerns with your girlfriend and she will likely put fears at bay.

  • She's a w****....all girls are.

  • Ignore these women that gave advice. Lock this b**** up. Or she will f*** the s*** out of the other guy.

  • First, it's not up to you to 'allow' her to do anything, she's not your property. Secondly if you trust her then there's no issue. Talk to her about your concerns, but ultimately if you trust her then nothing is going to happen

  • If you don't want her to be your girlfriend any longer, then you should forbid her from going. You have to let her go. Because, if she stays because you want her stay and not because she wants to say, she will resent you. Think about if the tables were turned and she trusted you. Here's a great opportunity to go on a trip. Would you go or not? Or if she stays.. what are you willing to give up? Or not go somewhere? Also..the use of the word "allow"..infers that you have some kind of control over her, or that she needs your permission. Instead, you can talk to her and express how you feel. But you can't control her or anyone else in her group or on her trip. You just have to trust and deal with it. And if you don't trust her to do the right thing, then maybe you shouldn't be dating her. You say you do that should be enough. You need find some confidence, because really this is your problem. If you are with her after you graduate and she's starts working in a workplace where there are male coworkers - one may talk to her..are you going to ask that she not talk to them? If she's going to cheat, she doesn't need to go on a trip to do so. If a guy is going to make a pass at her, he can do it where you guys live now..and you have no control. So should you let her go? Yes. You should say.. Have fun. This is a great opportunity. I wish I could go. I trust that you will have a great time and I will miss you, but I know I will see you when you return. Maybe give her a little bracelet or necklace or some special token to remember you by. And don't be one of those guys that is constantly texting her because you don't trust. It comes off as desperate.

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