Cross dressing

Lately I've really wanted to start dressing up as a girl, and I've learned that that isn't very easy. First off, I don't want to wear regular skinny jeans and tank tops. I wanted to wear gothic dresses and skirts and stuff. That's pretty hard for a guy to buy without looking suspicious. I need to start, but I need clothes to go out and buy clothes. If anyone has any idea of how to help, that would really mean a lot.

Feb 24, 2013

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  • Buy from the internet, like AliExpress (not sure if it has goth clothes though). But make sure you get the sizes right. What you think is Medium can end up being Small or too big and stuff. It's like every country has their own freaking sizes.

  • Most sales people get a commission on sales and are very helpful. I get a thrill knowing that they have a mental image of how the clothes look on you. Plus, you get a women's opinion about what looks good on you.

  • Just tell the sales person what you need. They are more than willing to help a man buy women's clothes, and will usually suggest what will look good on you. I know because that is what I do. First time I was embarrassed but the sales lady said that lots of men do it.

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