Leg shaving

Hi, My name is Jack. One day a year ago or two, I conned myself into shaving my legs, and I just can't seem to stop. I'm 44 years old and I shave them every mondays and thursdays. I'm a male and I'm not gay. Every morning I take a shower. On a monday after I take a shower I go for my electric razor, and shave. My electric razor leaves no rash or no scars at all. I like the smoothness of my legs and they feel so nice and me shaving them is just like smoking, u can't stop. ...well I never smoked in my life, but that was a little off topic, sorry about that. Anyway, on thursdays (if I don't have any place to go or anything to do on that day) I shave on that day as well, and I enjoy it! ...I guess that might not be a confession, but this might be something to get brownie points on this website. See ya!

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  • There are probably lots of straight men who shave. Shave their backs, legs, b****, separate their brows. Swimmers and bicyclists shave to go faster. Not sure what the big deal is. It's not that weird.

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