Don't like hair

Years ago when I was 16, I started off shaving around my d*** with a trimmer. Just didn't like having hair, how it looked and also because I wanted to make my d*** look bigger. I did that and under my armpits. A couple years later, I shaved my arms for a short while until my family made a comment that I "shouldn't". So I left it alone for about 2 years and started shaving it again and haven't stopped. I got so tired of my arm hair sticking way up, especially in photos. I love how smooth my arms are every time. For the past couple months, I've been wanting to shave my legs, mainly because some spots looked a bit bald. I decided to finally do it and once I started, I felt bad and wanted to stop, but then my legs would've looked screwed up. Even though it's kinda nice to have bare legs, it felt so weird and I felt naked. Plus, my legs are really white without hair and don't like how they look without hair. I don't know how you other guys do it. I'mma just have to wear pants for awhile until my hair grows back and maybe trim it down a little instead of shaving it all off.

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  • I'm A Male...I always Shave...I Also Wear Bras and Panties.

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  • Dude nobody cares!

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