I'm 16 and go to privite school and have to wear a skirt and white top uniform. I'm 5'4" tall, blonde, tanned and weigh 115 pounds. I really like this boy I met in the fall and we have been out a few times. He is 17 and almost 18. Lately he likes for me to wear my uniform when we go out. The other day he wanted me to take my panties down, squat in front of him and take a poo on the floor as he watched. I thought that was a little weird, but I really like him and I did it. I glanced back at him and he had his hand in his pants really going to town as he watched me. He moaned really loud as I finished and later he told me he came. He said that it turned him on to see my tanned butt cheeks spread apart and that t*** falling on his floor. I fingered myself when I got home thinking about it cause it kind of turned me on too.

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  • I convinced my gf once to dress up in her school sports uniform. This was like 1980 or 81 and we were a couple of years out of school. It was very sexy short netball skirt and a polo shirt. Knee high white socks and sneakers. Excites me to this day. Took her to the local fair. We were both excited and sort of apprehensive at the same time. Like I recall being turned on but also sort of embarrassed that I had made her do this. She was worried that she would meet one of her friends and actually so was I.

    At one stage we went to go into a pub and they would not let her in. I joked that she would have to wait outside but actually I did not go in and we went and did rides together.

    I guess when you are in love a lot of things are OK.

  • Df..........

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