I sometimes think about if I'll be remembered in this world or whether I'll just be another headstone in a cemetery.
I want to change this world, for the better.
I want to be remembered and I want to sustain a legacy.
My biggest fear is being forgotten.
I fear dying and the world moving on without me, I fear all the things I'll miss when I die like exploring the solar system and the rest of our galaxy.
I want to live forever.

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  • I know what you mean about wanting to live forever. I hate to think about all the cool things I will miss out on. The evolution of music, of technology, of science... Such a shame that I have only one life to live.

    As for being forgotten... hate to say it but you will be, no doubt. Almost everyone will be. Even that gravestone will be paved over some day, the census books trashed, and your name will be lost. It's sad, but it's inevitable. And the few people who are remembered are almost always remembered very poorly. Would you want to be remembered only in a fictional, idealized, possibly completely false way? That's pretty much the only way we remember most people in popular culture.

  • Be remembered? Sustain a legacy? Become this generation's Charlie Manson. Or Jim Jones. Or Richard Speck. Or Ted Bundy. Enjoy!

  • You how you don't be forgotten? you make your mark on the world and let everyone know who you are forever!

  • You know how you don't be forgotten? you make your mark on the world and let everyone know who you are forever!*

  • If thats your biggest fear then you have only one option. the only places that things exist forever are in evidence like books and paper, and i peoles minds like thoughts and memories. unfortunatly, most people will eventualy be forgotten by the new, younger generation. the only way youl live forever, is in peoples minds. and i dont mean,do something nice and people will remeber. i mean do something absolutly legendary. take for exampample, georege washington, he still exists because he's in books and in peoples memories as a hero. also hitler. he may have bin an a******, but he will probably exist as long as we do because we choos to reember him. you wanna live and be remeberd forever, get of your ass and do something, because if you dont you will be forgoten by our later generations, sont expect your granchildren to remember you.

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