I can't help but want you

I know someone in the world somewhere must have gone through this before, well i hope i am not the only one anyways, i am a woman and usually i find it quite hard to trust people and let them in like them ect. But there's this one guy, this one guy that i am just so drawn to in every single way, like when we touch even if it's just a little it makes me want him so bad, the sexual tension between us is crazy we barely even do anything and it's moaning material. I can't help but want him, i want him in every which way. Sometimes i think i love him other times i just want him in front of me so i can worship every inch of his body. I suppose the fact that i can't have him adds even more to the lustrous state of mind that he puts me in. The reason that i can't have him is because he has a girlfriend. A girlfriend that i can see he isn't happy with, which makes me sad because he deserves the highest form of undying happiness. I don't know if i could give him this but i would like to. Some would say just do it, but who am i to meddle with something that isn't mine i am not selfish in that way nor will i ever be so hopefully one day things will work out for me and i will finally satisfy my urge.

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  • He's not married so go for it. Chances are he is waiting for you to make the first move.

  • Even if he would be married, go for it. No one is anybodys possession.

  • He's not married so get what you want. Chances are he is waiting to leave his gf for you.

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