One of those embarrassing middle school moments

Today I wore a skirt thinking that i was going to miss PE because of state teasting, but our tests ended just in time for P.E. Today's game, lets just call it tag, was going fine until i was trying to tag this one boy. Soon he trippd and fell on his back and i couldn't get enough traction to stop so i was about to step on this boy when i stepped over him instead. Did I mention that i had no shorts on under my skirt and this boy's head was directly under it? So i'm hoping he was looking away and not up! Surely he wouldn't look right? At least he didn't say anything about it.

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  • You made his day I'm sure. And his night maybe!

  • Don't worry about it! I don't think he'll bring it up again now if he didn't after P.E. Soon it'll all be forgotten! :D

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