I feel worthless and damaged

I have always thought of myself as worthless. I've tried finding things to do to keep me happy, but I always lose interest in the things I do or love. Sure I have 4 friends, but I don't know them that well and they don't know how hurt I am. Every time I do tell them, I'm simply dismissed as being a little b****. I don't have depression and I'm not suicidal, but I guess I just feel damaged. I've seen some things, lost others. I had to move from my hometown, I would always be the kid to mock in my new school, and whenever I thought I would have a friend, they would abandon me the next day. Even when I did have friends, they would have to move or change schools. And the one that hurts most, is watching my grandfather slowly leaving us in death and find ing out an hour later that he died (his last word was my name). I just don't know where to go or who to trust. I just wish I didn't come home from school every day asking myself the same question: When will the pain stop?


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  • Since your are in school you still have a long path ahead of you and no that is not really a bad thing. Time is the only thing that can make things better, well that and friends/family. Take from someone who has lost a few people in their life time will eventually take some of the pain away. As for your friends they will either stick with you or your find the right people for you. My friends and I rarely talk in school and the ones who kept in contact with me have been very supportive just as some of my news friends have too. Overall, I think that you should just gear up for the road ahead and hope for the best.

  • You need someone or something to love. Whether it be a hobby, a pet, people. At this age it is hard to find loyalty and in today's world stability it seems. I can't tell you how many times I see kids have to move and it breaks my heart for them. My advice, delve into music, reading. Understand you are perfectly normal. We all feel pain and loneliness, some just get used to it. You are not alone. Hang in there, keep busy, it will get better.

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