I want to gang bang my wife

I desperately want to gang bang my wife she is so sexy and wild in bed but has reservations about being with two or more men at once. Every day I m********* to the thought of her sucking multiple c**** at once and being f***** while she sucks my c***. She knows I'm really into gang bangs and have even done a few in the past she will watch gang bang p*** with me and let me f*** her. I want so bad to shove my d*** in my wife's wet p**** after she has came a few times and has a few loads of c** dripping out of her p****. The thought of her being taken in every hole at once just gets me hard and I have to pull out my c*** and beat off. When I j******* right before I c** I close my eyes and imagine I'm j********** on her face at the same time with a few other guys. I also love to pretend or imagine there are other guys around her while I f*** her like she is the center of a gang bang. I am trying to get her to start with a three way and hope that after two cooks at once she will want three c**** and maybe four.

Apr 12, 2013

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  • I would love for my wife to turn into a total nympho s*** wife. I am lucky in that i can go round after round. I actually enjoy the 3rd and subsequent rounds more than the first or second. I love sloppy seconds. Have had GFs who had s** tapes with an ex or others, i loved watching those with them, as we would do it. Also caught an ex GF in the act, i told them to not stop, was turned on so much, cheering them on, and even told them if using a condom so i couldnt tell, then get rid of it, and fill her as often as you want. I love totally slutty women, i dont mind another mans goo in or on her, heck i have no qualms going down on a woman i am with after watching another man pump her full, or kissing an awesome whorish s*** as she is sucking and swallowing, enjoy how a woman's mouth tastes from giving BJs, even if her mouth is full of another guys nut. I love a woman covered in lots of j***, and still lick and suck on b****** even if glazed in it. I would love to renew my vows to my wife once i convert her into such an awesomely filthy nasty slutty w****, and basically, her dress would be bukkake, and during the ceremony she would take a dozen men and myself, and blow many others, and i would kiss her and go down on her every couple minutes.

  • I also have the same fantasy. want to be g********* by seven well endowed guys.

  • I want my wife and i to both be g********* together, by 18 hung men.

  • Go for it, you both will love it. My wife and I are both s** addicts. We have weekend orgys sometimes about a 8-10 couples come over we all get naked and f*** all kinds of ways the whole week end I love watching my wife being f***** by 3 guys at once. then I eat her p**** while she sucks my d*** and another guy f**** her in the ass.

  • I love 69ing while another guy is in her p****, and c*** inside. I even suck and lick the b****, and clean the guys c***.


  • I did my wife from behind while she sucked 2 other guys. Also for 2nd round watched then drill her with one of us on each side touching her. Then when they were done she had me lick her clean before finishing off inside of her. This was really hot! Can't wait to da it again, but wife has to be in just the right mood.

  • That is so horney

  • The only way it will work is for her to want it and dream about it as much as you. We were lucky because my wife had a wicked crush on a couple of younger guys at her work, and we were able to set up a very discreet evening with her, me, and two of her co-workers. They were also single young aroused guys who were totally into it and her. (trust me - she's got a great body) I can tell you after she finally relaxed, I have never seen her enjoy her self so intensely. I did a lot of watching, but it was absolutely amazing watching her go completely wild.

  • Sadly you can lose her someday to another guy if you keep this up.

  • I let my wife f*** my best friend who is much more well endowed than I am. I looked up to and respected my best friend and told him he could have his way with my wife, the only condtion was that I got to watch. Everyone was fine with it we started out find me just watching then me watching and jerking off. After awhile I couldn't satisfy my wife anymore she left me for my best friend who is now no longer my best friend who is with my now ex wife. Maybe you'll get what you hope for. Hopefully you're prepared to live with the consequences. Real life and fantasy are two seperate things.

  • Two of my acquantances are truly monster hung studs. I am well endowed myself, but these two dwarf me. One of them is this dark skinned black guy, and even i will admit, his monster thick package that is not much longer than mine, his 10.5 inch long 3 inch thick meat monster is the most beautiful p**** i have ever seen. H***, when my wife wanted to do some cuck play involving him, i didnt hesitate to get it rolling, as i even wanted to suck it. Now he uses both our mouths, my ass, and her holes on demand. I especially love the sloppy seconds i get after him, my wife gaping, and ultra slick from his bucket like loads of tasty cream. My wife loves how his monster feels, and his huge loads, but the sloppy seconds, thats where we make love, and she c*** just as hard.

    If your wife truly loved you, she wouldnt be a chick to leave just for some d***.

  • Just go for it, it's fun!

  • Sounds like someone doesn't respect his wife all that much.

  • Sounds like someone doesn't respect HIMSELF all that much.

  • Keep it as a fantasy. No emotions in a fantasy. I tried bringing other people in my wife and my bed and it was awful.

  • Please tell us the story!

  • Yet my wife, our GF, and her husband have had dozens of others, and yet our marriages are very strong.

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