Adult theater wife

Wife has been shared and posted on sites for a long time.loves s** with strangers.i love watching.i have taken her to a few theaters and she has played with the guys. mostly she jerks them and they fondle her and some have fingered her.she c*** for them and they c** on her t*** and body.we went to a theater in ct.she liked it and the usual h**** guys.there were 3 guys that night. they always want to f*** her but she says no.we went back the next night. she wore a button dress with white stockings and garter belt,no bra. and she was in a h**** mood. we walked in and there were about 6 or 7 guys and she looked around and laughed and said oh boy more c**** for me.we sat and a few came right over and 2 were same from the night before. they started playing and got her down to her stockings and garters in a hurry. she was very h**** and was stroking their c**** and they were fingering her and she came right away. the first guy pulled out a condom and asked if its ok. she smiled and looked at me and said shes ready.i was h**** from watching and nodded ok. he slid the condom on and she helped him in her. she really moaned loud. it was the first time in a theater to let a guy f*** her.he did not take long to fill the condom with c**. she was really hot and h****. he pulled out and she said she wanted more c***. no one had a condom and she said just f*** her. I asked if she was sure and she answed she wants c***.well 3 more guys f***** her bare in front of me all c****** inside her.i admit it was so f****** hot watching. she was dripping c** from her p**** when we left and she f***** me good when we got to the hotel.her p**** was silky smoot inside with the c** in her.we both admitted it was very dangerous but was a huge turn on.

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  • I love it!!!!! That was daring but in the heat of the moment, who wouldn’t take several loads. I would buy a bunch of condoms & lube, then give her all she likes. Your only young once.

  • Cant say shes a w**** but admit she loves being a s***

  • You turned your wife into a w**** it would seem? Actually she was already there. Couldn’t do it but if you liked it

  • Love it honey. Before our divorce, it was me cross dressing and sucking other men’s c**** while my wife watched. She joined in a few times too and it was good for awhile. Before we met I lost my virginity while dressing up and after we met and all she liked it too. There was a night when things got out of hand and wound up getting f***** by a couple of guys while my wife was blowing another man. I dont know what came over me but just her pegging me wasn’t enough. It felt so good having a man inside me. And when he got behind me as I was on my knees blowing him first and now his friend it felt so wonderful I was moaning and bucking back at him as he f***** me. My wife got her c*** off and watched me spit roasted and loving it. The guy in my ass finished first and much to my surprise did me bare back. I stopped sucking the other and looked back at him and said I missed a real mans c*** It felt so amazing f*** me more. He said he was 1 and done and i looked at the other man I was blowing and asked him to please f*** me. He nodded and got behind me and pushed his c*** in me. I moaned with total pleasure and was consumed in the moment. I begged him to do me harder and how his c*** was bigger and felt so good. He pumped me harder n faster and asked where do I want his load and I yelled out in my f***** ass It’s been so long I so miss real c***. He looked up at my wife and said your husband is a f***** and I snapped around and saw the look on her face when the man said I’m c****** and filled my ass again. I rolled my eyes and moaned omg I’m c****** too. I opened my eyes and looked at her and she to me and nothing was said for a few moments until the guy still in my ass began pumping me again. I tried to say I was sorry but she was p***** and said she was going to the car.

  • Damn it... Americans don’t know how to rape

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