Okay so I am High School I play clarinet and I we had a concert back in December but I left it in the schools Auditorium But I didn't realize till February it was missing because I play percussion now but I Have been searching for it but now its April and I still cant find it I haven't told my mom because I am afraid if you knew my mom you would understand (my friends don't even like coming to my house anymore because of her) But am I'm in tight spot because I need it in order to get scholarship money for college. I have to get a Jupiter clarinet with velvet case (on the inside) so she wont tell its different I have found some for like 100$ I need help (dont have a job) any ideas

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  • Perhaps you can borrow one from the school or a friend. I knew my old band teacher would let someone borrow an instrument. Then when you get a job you can buy a new/used one.

  • First know that things happen and next time just be a bit more careful. Your mother has most likely lost or misplaced things of value herself, and you shouldn't be punished because of it. Can you go to your Dad (is he in the picture or a bit more reasonable?), grandparents? See if they can help out.. Perhaps someone turned your clarinet into lost and found at the school, so check first. Was your name somewhere written on it? I'm a little confused how your clarinet will get you money for a scholarship for college.. Have you spoken to a guidance counselor about other scholarships you can apply for as well? If you have to raise some money you could offer to do odd jobs in your neighbors - walking pets, babysitting. May take you a bit.. She may get mad because wants you to learn about responsibility, but it sounds like you are You could be doing worse things then losing a clarinet, your mom should be grateful. If you are left with no other options and have to tell her, try to tell her in a moment when she's relaxed. And let her know you're afraid to tell her things because of how she reacts to you. Be sure to stress to her that you've been working on earning money so you can replace it. As for her reaction to you, she may not have any idea of how she comes off. Sometimes as people get older, there are so many stresses and so it's just a misplaced reaction. Regardless, it sucks that it happens and sucks more that you feel that you can't go to your mom when you're in trouble.

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