I already know Im bi but all my fantasies, all the p*** I watch - involve me with another woman. I love my boyfriend very much and we have an amazing constant s** life where I am very fulfilled but his is the only c*** that has ever truly turned me on. And i think the only reason or that is because of who he is and what an amazing person he is.
I want to express these desires to my boyfriend and ask him if I can pursue a woman from time-to-time but he is extremely monogamous and i am so afraid to lose this wonderful man. we plan to get married and i want to sow my wild oats before committing to him 100% but how do i get that across?
i dont want to lose him. i truly believe that we have loved one another forever and he feels it too. its not about gender - its about the person.
i want to be honest but i am so desperate to be with a woman its consuming my thoughts.

Apr 24, 2013

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  • Invite him to join...doubt he would turn you down.

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