I knew we would be raising her kids

My SIL was always irresponsible. As a teen, well before I met her, she ran away and got married at 17 to a guy she knew for three monthes. She would go from problem to problem. She'd have a god job, then s**** it up. She jumped bail 9 years ago on a DUI charge and moved in 50 miles from us. Then she met a guy 30 years older than her. He dies of cancer. She gets pregnant by one of his friends. A year later, she gets pregnant again by the same guy. She was 35, he was 64.
As soon as I heard she was pregnant I told my wife that it was inevitable that we would be raising her kids. But, the SIL managed to stay responsible for about 7 years or until her youngest was 4. Then it begins. We start hearing from my MIL that the drinking has started again. Her kid's know phrases like "mommy's drunk" to explain why they can't come over on Christmas. The now 73 ish year old realizes what a mistake he made. He's around even if he has no energy to deal with two kids and just let's them have whatever they want by crying when he says no the first time.

So, now we find that despite "tough love" despite offers and numerous opportunities to help, my SIL has severe health issues because of cirrhosis.

My wife was the responsible one. Went to college. Paid her own way. Built a career and is well respected in her field. We have two kids that are very bright, at the top of their class and well liked. We hold them accountable for their actions So, now my prediction will come true and we're soon to be taking in these two kids. It isn't their fault and they didn't choose their parents. They try hard but it's going to be tough for them when they realize they aren't getting cake for breakfast because the crying doesn't work on us.

My biggest concern is the younger one of the two - my wife says "she's exactly like my sister was at that age."

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