Follow my heart or wait till destiny decide?

-SIL**shes always telling me i mean the world to her, that she is deeply in love with me, that she cant wait any longer to be with me with the entire world to know it, that i am the best that happened to her and she will divorce to married me, shes 28yrs w/ 2 kids and im 23yrs(no kids) i used to feel passion and love for her when i was starting to explore the world now as i got older i have a different perspective point of view i would prefer to ended and be just friends but everything will be destroy, my family, her life and my future.

i want my own wife
my own kids, and i don't think shes the one but i believe i am the one for her because shes really mad in love with me just like any men (dream girl) and she threat me 'literally' like KING.

my obstacle to think that shes my soul mate is my siblings and friends will hate me and judge me to the max!!!

follow my heart or wait till destiny decide?

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  • Follow your heart.
    OR... look at the "worst case scenario" of both alternatives and choose the one you could live with best (or easiest) if that actually happened.
    That will eliminate any regrets about your decision in the future.

  • You're 23, facing down the biggest mistake you could make, and making it out to be a tough decision. One thing I will point out, how you alreasy know the answer but don't know it. Pay attention to your own typo. Like a Freudian slip, it says so much: she threat you 'literally' like a king. Threat. THREAT. Get it? As in, the threat to you. Get it? Huh? Hm? Get it? Yeah? Like, you meant to say treat but said threat, but you didn't know it, like how you are not aware of the threat she poses to you. Get it now? Little clearer? Yes? Yes? Get it? Mm-hm, yes, no, yep, maybe, derrr, I yunno, whatevs, sho thang, maybe? Get it?? Good.

  • F*** b****** get money brah, live your own life you only got one

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