I......... im 16 and i like younger girls. i havent done anything with one but sometimes when i see a girl and i cant tell her age i tend not to care. i do have a limit however. i would only go for girls ages 12-16. i wont actually go for a young girl but if one approached me i dont know what i wouldnt do, you know im a teenage boy i fantasize. ;)

Apr 24, 2013

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  • Me too but from 2 up

  • That's not even a big age gap, besides you're still young yourself so there is really no problem with you liking young girl at that age, so if they like you and want to be sexual with you then go for it bro....

  • Thanks I appreciate it and I know it's not a huge gap but some might disagree you know how people are sometimes

  • Yeah there will be those who disagree but you can't have society running your life and personal preferences, most of those who say it's wrong for older and young people to be with each other are brainwashed, they have been taught to believe that it is perverted, disgusting and wrong, I'm sure you may even have a little shame and guilt for feeling the way you do because of the way you were taught to believe by your parents, family and or society, but some times what your parents and society believe to right is not always right and for the better, that's something you have to decide for yourself, I had the same preference like you when I was young and I still do, but because of society putting a guilt trip on me I grew up thinking that I was a bad boy that I was a weirdo kid but now I know I was always a normal boy and man and that it was only society trying to conform me to what it wanted me to believe, so I hope you won't let that same thing happened to you, because it is normal and natural for young people and older people to desire one another it's all human sexuality and there can nothing nasty or dirty about that....

  • You're cool man! there ain't a damn thing wrong with your preference for young girls. just do your thing and don't let anyone get you down!

  • Thanks bro I appreciate it

  • What about 13?

  • 12 is still way to young for you

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