My problem is that my stepson stabbed me several times with a knife. I love his mother dearly but I'm about to call it quits because I'm just not comfortable anymore. He is in prison now and claims he doesnt rremember anything. I just think its best to move on with my life. I'm confused because I love his mother dearly but I'm in love with my well being more. I'm blessed to be alive. I need some advice. What should I do?

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  • Pay for an inmate to stab him

  • F*** that. LEAVE!

  • If the mother takes her son's side and makes excuses for him leave her. If she takes your side and sees that he learns his lesson and at least gets some punishment then stay.

  • What an awful position to be in. I'm so glad you're alive. If I were in your shoes, I'd consider the following: How does the mother feel about what her son did? How does the mother discipline the son in general? How old is the son? When does he get out of jail? Will he visit you after that? Spend holidays with you? Will the mother expect you to make nice to the guy who stabbed you? Will you be able to handle seeing this stepson in the future? (I wouldn't, but that's me.) What treatment is the stepson getting? Does the stepson take responsibility? What possibility is there for the stepson to change? Etc. You know the answers to these questions, and you know that you need to take care of yourself first. I think you'll know what to do.

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