Please my wife

Thanks to the V,A , I can no longer have s** or make love to my wife . it has been this way for almost five years . I yearn for another man to please my wife fully , with or with out me being in the same room. I love my wife dearly , and it does not bother me at all if she would allow this to happen .

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  • So I keep wanting my wife L to let another man please her in bed , even if I am not there . she deserves to be pleased and desired , and satisfied by another man . she is 60 years young and a professional in her career . I wish I could find a man to help me out here . any takers ?

  • Have you asked her about your idea?

  • Yes, she says she has thought of it .she works around it alot . I think she wants to deep inside . You can tell sometimes how she reacts

  • That's good. I've wanted the same for my wife but for vastly different reasons.

  • Any luck?

  • In fantasy world....hit me up at

  • I have a lot of trouble getting gmail for some reason , my computer wont accept eagles.cry @aol wanting to communicate.

  • The veterans administration . and she loves s** .

  • How exactly does the "V,A" keep you from doing your beloved wife? do they come to your house every time you get wood and point you at a random man? you make no sense.

  • Whats V,A ? Also 5 years! Maybe she like many other women are not that excited by s** per se? Maybe she loves you and the relationship just like this.

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